Master Carlos Pagan GrandMaster Pierre Rene and Master David Rivera Sr.


Kyoshi Henry Graves

Master Jerry Mercado


Osensei Roberto Hernandez & Master Michael Cruz



                                                                                                                                                      Clarence Cooper

Sifu Clarence Cooper has been a practitioner of the Chinese martial arts for over 37 years.
Throughout his years, he has enjoyed sharing his knowledge with those he meets. He himself
has had many accomplishments in regional, national, and world competitions. Sifu Cooper was
a top student of Grandmaster Daniel Kane Pai, world renowned teacher of Chinese martial arts.
Dr. Pai and Sifu Cooper, along with many other students, traveled the United States, Caribbean
and abroad. They won many victories together. They both held a passion for teaching the secrets
of reconstructive therapy which is, in laymen’s terms, the healing aspects of Chinese Martial Arts.
They became entangled in unraveling the reasons for their success, passing their knowledge down
and watching the accomplishments of those who followed their directions. They learned to embrace
pain and find cures, or reconstruct the injury through Chinese Martial Arts, exercise, forms, and medicine.
It is a physical and mental discipline that proves to be effective in recovering from injuries due to a variety of causes.


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