Grand Master Bob Schoolnick

Master Robert Schoolnick, born in Los Angeles, CA on December 7, 1955, has been a practitioner of Martial Arts for over 50 years.
He has studied with many of the finest world renowned Martial Artists, including Ed Parker, Rocky Kim, Bill Chow, and especially Dr. Daniel Kane Pai.

Under Grandmaster Pai, Master Schoolnick first studied Kenpo in Riverside, CA.  He currently believes that training to have been strong and basic conditioning for the years he would next spend in New England, studying not only Chinese forms of movement of Kung Fu, but the heart and soul of the Art of Traditional Kung Fu/Kempo as well.  Here, Grandmaster Daniel Pai (whom Master Schoolnick met while Master Pai was teaching with Ed Parker in California) soon became his Master, Mentor, and Friend. 

Master Schoolnick is one of the original members of the Pai Lum Association Fire Dragon Schools, the White Lotus Kung Fu Schools, Hawaiian Kenpo Schools, and the White Dragon Society, overall dedicating more than 50 years in various Pai Lum styles all around the world.

In competition in the full contact tournament circuit, he has won against many practitioners of every rank and many styles.  Master Schoolnick went on to gain even more rank in Wing Chun with his very good friend, the late Master Bill Chow, and in Tae Kwon Do under Rocky Kim (of Korea).  Master Schoolnick has studied and continually achieved even higher rank in Kempo, Wing Chun, Poison Hand, and Judo/Jujitsu, in schools in Nevada, California, Missouri, etc., while also adding expertise in many different types of weapons to his vast repertoire of styles and skills.  He was granted the privilege to spend time learning from the Kung Fu practitioners in the Shaolin Temple, as well.  He says, “I gained knowledge and value from many great practitioners that I’ve trained with over the years, gaining not only through those things which they taught me; but in many cases, through my training some of them as well.”

Currently, Master Bob Schoolnick is Director of the Deltona Pai-Lum Firedragon School. Master Schoolnick is also the Director of Martial Arts Institute of International Styles in East Hartford, Ct., and Orlando, Fl.  Also, he is actively involved in the Martial Arts Community at large, working to preserve the spirit and skill of the ancient crafts he has mastered.  Through the school, he currently offers training several different styles, and presents clinics taught by international Masters; and multi-style tournaments all over the world.  Master Schoolnick is also a Behavioral Therapist who has worked worldwide with special needs children.  He also serves as Chairman of The Golden Dragon Martial Arts Research Society, USA and International.

Presently, Grand Master Schoolnick teaches martial arts throughout Volusia, Seminole, and Orange Counties.  He has a partnership with Seminole County School System.

Honors & Recognition

Seminole Country Public Schools recognize his outstanding contribution to the enrichment program.

Lifetime member of the United Black Belt Society (U.B.B.S.)

Lifetime member of the United States Judo Association

2013 – Promoted to Grand Master 9th Dan in the Dento Konsei Bujutsu.

2013 – Inducted for Grand Samurai Award (Presently, one of the highest honors you can receive)

 2010 – Inducted and presented with the Elite Golden Dragon Warrior Award Hall of Fame.

2000 – Silver Lifetime Florida Martial arts hall of fame.

1999 - Inducted into the Florida Hall of Fame, USA., as well as receiving the Life Achievement Award in Florida’s Hall of Fame.

1997 - Awarded School of the Year, Worldwide

1997 - Awarded Master Instructor of the Year, Worldwide

1996 – Awarded Life Achievement Award at the Latin American Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

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