The Makings of a Good Student


1.      Come to class with and “empty” cup. In other words, assume that you are ignorant, keep your mind open, and trust your teacher to know what you need to know, when you need to learn it, and how you should be taught.


2.    Pai Lum involves the discipline of mind, body, and spirit; be prepared to stretch and strengthen all three. Mental and emotional development are just as strenuous and painful (at times) as physical development, you will be pushed to the limits of your endurance in all areas during your training; expect it.


3.    Your behavior is the primary test of your discipline. Keep your accounts up-to date, this indicates that you value your training (your Teacher must pay his/her bills to keep the school open). Wear clean uniforms and attend to your personal hygiene. This demonstrates respect for yourself and others who train with you.


4.    Your Teacher is always right. Keep in mind that this statement is true in reference to your training in Pai Lum only. Do not fall into the trap of personality worship. All paths are individually specific.  You can no more walk your Teacher's Path the he/she can walk yours.


Everyone can do it


 Each student regardless of age receives personalized instruction and attention. Training is focused on individual ability. Students from five years of age to sixty-five years of
age have participated and benefited from the specialized instruction given. Martial Arts instruction develops physical and mental coordination.



Do you have a PLAN??
Being prepared can save your life!


 The Women's Self-Defense exercise program offers physical conditioning and street-ready techniques for dealing with aggression and attack. 


Children- Parents want their children to be healthy, stronger, and to do well in everyday life. Martial Arts aids in building confidence and character-qualities that help to develop leadership skills and concentration.

           This new source of energy and physical agility will help them perform better at sports and other activities. They will learn to respect authority and themselves.


The secret of martial arts' effectiveness is a knowledge of practiced techniques along with the development of mind, body, and strength.

2011 Martial Arts Hall Of Fame
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